About Us and What We Do

We have been rehabbing all different types of wildlife for a little over 10 years now and we absolutely love every minute of it ! We are located in upstate New York about 90 miles north of New York City. We operate on 25+ acres of dense forrest land that include 2 ponds, various wetlands, streams, rivers and fields.

Wildlife rehab involves providing care to animals that have been abandon because of various reasons. Some reasons may be that the parents were killed usually by cars on roadways or the parents could have become sick/ injured and are unable to care for their offspring.

Wildlife rehabbing is complete volunteer work. You DO NOT get paid. All the vet bills, medical care, food, housing and shelter are provided by the rehabber. Taking on new cases needs to be evaluated at a great extent with a precise attention to detail to determine if the rehabber will be able to handle the case load. The Rehabber must keep in mind the upfront costs of initial medical bills that may need to be paid from vet visits as well as purchasing food, shelters and other supplies. Rehabbers must also be up for a mental challenge. Raising wildlife animals is very similar to raising children. You can be up all hours of the night tending to your baby animals with tasks that include feedings and stimulating the animal to go to the bathroom.

While most rehabs take only a couple of months, some are long term like a beaver. A beaver takes two years to rehab beginning at early stages of life such as right after birth. Rehabbers understand that taking on a case such as a beaver requires a great level of commitment.

Although wildlife rehab work takes a lot of time and patience, its reward comes when you are able to release them back into the wild where they belong. The end goal is to always make sure the animals in need of help are fit and able to survive on their own in the wild and can live a happy and healthy life for years to come.