Beave was found in May 2020 on the side of the road by a passenger driving past. After the woman picked up Beave she immediately called me to place him in the care of a wildlife rehabber. Since beavers stay and learn from their parents for two to three years, Beave’s rehab is one of the longest wildlife rehabs.

Beavers live in colonies made up of their parents, the two year olds, the one year olds and the beaver kits born in early spring. The one year olds help out with keeping the lodge clean and the two year olds help their dad with dam and lodge repairs. The two year olds act as apprentices learning everything they will need to set off and start a family of their own.  

Beave’s rehab consisted of teaching him all of the important life lessons he will need for a successful release. This included showing him what solid foods were safe to eat. He also had to learn to become confident in the water as baby beaver kits don’t take naturally to the water. Beave’s first months of learning have proven to be successful as he is now spending more and more time in his pond, chewing the bark of sticks and eating a wide variety of wild vegetation. In about two years, Beave will have a soft release in his big pond where he will remain supervised but encouraged to be self sufficient. Eventually Beave will set off to find a mate approximately 2-5 miles away and start a family of his own

Now, you know Beave!

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